MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan isn’t a stranger to using its sign in a controversial way.

In 2015, the store caused a social media uproar when it posted “Join The Movement #CaramelApplesMatter on its big yellow sign.

Now, in 2018, the store is using the recent bout of winter-like April weather to get a reaction out of the public.

On Tuesday, the candy store posted the below image. It shows the sign, which reads “In Only Two Years Trump Fixed Global Warming”.

The post garnered mixed reactions. Some advised the store to keep politics out of their posts, some noted that President Donald Trump’s only been in office for 14 and a half months, and others countered with freedom of speech.

The candy store has its own thoughts: “The only thing funnier than this sign is all these comments and memes! Lol!”

Comments (9)
  1. What’s controversial about it? It’s kind of funny no matter which side of the aisle you’re on. Lighten up people!!

  2. That is funny!!! We have never stopped in but driven by many times. We’ll be stopping by this spring.

  3. Think twice about visiting this business. The Wagner family are heavy strong Trump supporters. They donate extensively to the Trump causes. They don’t hire minorities and pay less than Walmart. So when you see a comment like #caramel lives matter it represents their core values. Oh boy and now you get a special treat of eating last years unsold candy. Not to mention none of the pie are home made. They are commercially made in South Carolina, thawed out over night and poked with a fork or a hole cut in the middle to make you think it was “home made”. Sorry people to burst your bubble with a little reality. Found this all out from the neighbor kids who work there.

  4. Why is this sign controversial? I mean, who doesn’t believe Trump can fix global warming? He’s a stable genius, and his hair is impeccable! Clearly, a candy store in the middle of the country will be the first to recognize this “unpresidented” accomplishment! Now, where is my nurse? It’s time for my meds.

  5. Bob Nurmikko says:

    I will drive from Grand Rapids, MI to shop here.