MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are many reasons to love Opening Day.

“It’s the best time of the year,” one fan said.

“I’m ready for beer,” another fan said.

And nothing says opening game day in Minnesota like hot dogs and winter hats.

“We don’t care, we’re from the Bold North, right,” Joey Fritz of Apple Valley said.

Fritz celebrated her 43rd Twins home opener.

“We love baseball and we’re lucky to have this great facility to come and watch them so we’re always going to be here,” Fritz said.

Fans lined up waiting for the gates to open, and the early birds got to shake hands or get a hug with Hall of Famer Rod Carew. Then, they get that view.

“I’m a big baseball fan and just coming to the ballpark — it’s the perfect ballpark really,” Jason Keller of St. Louis Park said.

While it was unseasonably cold, you didn’t hear fans complaining.

“People sit on ice fishing for hours upon hours. If you love baseball you do the same,” Twins fan Eric said.

After a playoff run last year, Twins fans are hopeful about the season.

“I think we’ll at least make the playoffs,” one fan said. “I’m confident that we’ll get into the playoffs.”

So just ignore Mother Nature, because it’s still baseball season.

Which means summer cant be too far away.

“It’s time to get out here and see the Twins,” Fritz said.

Fans said the sun really made a difference earlier in the game. So with those night games next week and more cold on the way, bundle up Twins fans.

Despite our winter weather, Twins fans couldn’t wait to get to Target Field for today’s home opener.

With temperatures about 15-degrees below average, and a snowflake or two in the air, fans bundled up and took in what turned out to be a great game. It was 50 degrees for last year’s home opener.

This year we couldn’t quite hit 40 despite all the sun. The heaters in the concourses got plenty of use.

“Pretty good. It feels like the sun,” said fan Jarrett Faue.

The team may be hot right now, but in parts of the stadium it was cold. Icicles hung below certain sections. And the drinking fountains appear to be going through their own spring training, due to chilly temps.

“You see people in snow pants. Last year we were in tank tops,” said fan Rob Thomas.

Still, if you bundled up it wasn’t bad in the lower levels.

“Don’t feel too bad. It could be warmer but then we’ve been to colder ones,” said fan Tom Schroeder.

“I have three shirts on under this and long johns,” said fan Tracy Rothstein.

In the upper deck, it was a different ballgame. When the sun went away, the wind picked up. But it didn’t bother Bob Mitchell.

“I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts,” said Bob.

For Bob, this was as much a fashion statement as it was defying the cold. He said he wears the same outfit whether it’s 30 degrees or 80.

“My wife is definitely against it,” said Bob with a chuckle.

The Twins beat the Mariners 4-to-2.

The team is off tomorrow, and it could be colder when fans return for this Saturday and Sunday.

But, the brightside is, ticket prices look really good on Stub Hub and other places right now.

So if you don’t mind bundling up for those games, you could find a pretty good deal.


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