MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — He’s known for being a bit of a downer, but for one south Minneapolis family Eeyore the donkey is a source of great joy.

The Ihles’ son William is deeply attached to his stuffed version of the Winnie the Pooh character. But last week on Spring Break, he lost his furry friend.

It’s been quite a Spring Break, from seeing family in Arizona, to seeing family in south Texas. It’s been an adventure with one unwanted twist.

“To lose that specific Eeyore, it’s a real gut punch,” Justin Ihle, father of three said.

Eeyore is William’s beloved sidekick, and he never made the trip home.

william and eeyore Minn. Family Searching For Son’s Lost Eeyore Doll

William and Eeyore (credit: Kari Ihle)

“Eeyore, in particular for William, is special for us because of the journey, the health journey that William has been on in his life. He was born with a condition called tuberous sclerosis,” Justin Ihle said.

William’s condition means needles and MRIs and a major brain surgery to stop his daily seizures.

“I miss it a lot, it was my favorite toy from reading the Pooh,” 10-year-old William said.

He’s not sure exactly where he lost it, his family believes it was the airport in Phoenix or Dallas or MSP.  William’s parents have been making calls for days and hoping someone will see this post so they can find the irritable donkey who brings William so much comfort.

“We’re just hopeful that somehow, someway the word will get to where it needs to get and Eeyore will make his way home one last time because I’ll tell you if he comes home, he’s gonna be retired, he’s gonna stay home,” Justin Ihle said.

Turns out there are several lost and founds for each airline and TSA. The best chance to return Eeyore is if one of you recognizes the picture:

william and eeyore1 Minn. Family Searching For Son’s Lost Eeyore Doll

William and Eeyore (credit: Ihle Family)

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

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  1. My heart goes out to the family and young William. How can I help?

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