By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A pedestrian bridge that stretches across I-35W is scheduled to be torn down.

The bridge is where many walk across to take breath taking pictures of the Minneapolis skyline.

“It’s a great view the city is beautiful,” James Bretholt said.

You can’t walk across the 24th Street pedestrian bridge without stopping to take in the view.

“I walk across about twice a week and there is always someone here taking pictures,” Chad Epseseth said.

For years people would flock here to take pictures of the skyline and post them for the world to see.

“When I first got here, I walked across the bridge and took a couple of pictures,” Bretholt said.

The view displays the beauty of the city, and for many it’s the first thing they see when they approach the city from the south.

“When it lights up at night, it shows the whole city,” Epseseth said.

The days of enjoying the view are now numbered. The bridge will be torn down as part of the $239 million reconstruction project of I-35W from 43rd Street to I-94. The 24th Street bridge is one of 11 bridges that span I-35W that will eventually be replaced.

“It’s going to cut off people from the other side of [I-35W],” Epseseth said.

MnDOT says there should be no concerns about how people will get to the other side of the interstate.When the pedestrian bridge is torn down, the Franklin Avenue bridge should be complete, giving people access to the other side.

The bridge will be reconstructed — and when it is, the chain link fence will go away. The bridge deck will expand from nine to 14 feet and access to 24th Street and the bridge will be handicapped accessible.

Still, it will be some time before this view will be seen from a pedestrian bridge.

The new pedestrian bridge will be finished with the rest of the I-35W project in 2021.


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