By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –– The Wolves have tried to prepare for this game like any other. Commit to a philosophy and remember it’s about you.

“We can control our destiny. If you told us at the beginning of the season, we have a game to win to get into the playoffs at home? Sign me up,” Jamal Crawford said.

Two x-factors that could change the game.

Which Andrew Wiggins will show up? If he’s in rhythm, he’s a tough match up. His assessment of this game is simple: Lose and the season is a failure.

“Basically. Everything we did was for nothing,” Wiggins said.

The other is Jimmy Butler. How many minutes can he give you coming off injury? He doesn’t know that. He does believe this.

“I don’t care if I don’t a have a rhythm, I don’t care if I’m not making shots, I’ll find a way to impact the game,” Butler said.

In some respects, this all makes sense. After all, they’ve had to wait 14 years to play a significant final regular season game.

“Nothing has ever came easy for Minnesota. So, it’s only right that it comes down to one game and it means the most to us and to this franchise in a long time,” Karl-Anthony Towns said. “If it was easy it wouldn’t be fun, if it was easy it wouldn’t be a Minnesota way.”


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