By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Saturday’s potentially massive winter snowstorm is throwing a wrench into spring events.

Couples hoping to get married outside this weekend will have to think twice. Depending on where you live, it could also make travel difficult for wedding guests.

“We like being outdoors, so being outside during the ceremony fits our personalities, too,” Colleen Roach said.

When Colleen and her fiancé Tylor Harlen picked April 12 for an outdoor wedding at Almquist Farm near Hastings, they knew they were taking a gamble. They just didn’t expect the day to be as white as Colleen’s wedding dress.

“Went from a nice day, to maybe rain, to low 30s and a bunch of snow,” said Tylor.

From April through October, over 90 percent of the weddings at Almquist Farm are outdoors. But this Saturday, instead of having wedding guests and a party on their outdoor reception lawn, it’ll most likely be covered in snow.

A spring snowstorm could be a major problem for weddings, proms and sporting events across the state.

“Saturday, Colleen and Tylor are going to get married in 70 degrees,” said Paul Curtis.

When Paul and Kari Curtis opened Almquist last year, they planned for weekends like this. Knowing mothers-in-law are far easier to deal with than Mother Nature, they made sure their inside venues were an option too. And Thursday morning they broke the news to Tylor and Colleen that they’d be saying their “I Do’s,” indoors.

“You just can’t be outside on Saturday,” Paul said.

Now, the couple just has to hope the roads stay safe for out-of-towners.

“We were trying to push a lot of people to get up here Friday just to get to Hastings so they are here,” said Tylor.


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