HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) — The April snow is taking an especially big toll on spring sports in the state.

With more winter weather on the way on Friday, Twin Cities golf courses are bracing for impact.

On average, Minneapolis city golf courses see about 13,000 rounds of golf being played throughout the month of April.

This year, all of that revenue has been lost due to the cold temperatures and the snow, leaving more than 230 employees held off from working at the courses.

The city of Minneapolis wants to sell 8,500 patron cards for city courses this year and all the snow is just making people more excited to break out their clubs.

“This spring is just a disaster. This is not helping, people are pent up, ready to play golf,” said Matt Just, the director of golf operations for the Minneapolis Parks and Rec Board. “It’s not hurting our morale, we are making adjustments where we need to, but we are ready.”

While it isn’t pretty right now, the prolonged snow pack doesn’t have any lasting impact on the course.

Golf officials just need the frost to get out so people can start teeing up.

Mary McGuire