ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Whether you were driving in it or trudging through it, the historic April blizzard had people at their wits end Sunday in St. Paul – even hockey fans.

“I’ve been to playoff games before and I’ve come here with shorts and a tank top on, 65 degrees,” said Wild fan Johnny Blanchard. “This is ridiculous.”

Wearing clothes and boots best suited for winter, ticket holders for the game against the Jets fought off the blowing snow until reaching the safety of the Xcel Energy Center.

“It is what it is and you just deal with it,” said Joann Malgren, of Plymouth. “We’re from Minnesota, and it’s hockey season.”

It’s also technically spring.

Even so, Frattalone’s Ace Hardware sold more than 50 snow shovels this weekend.

They’re even suggesting people buy garden spades.

“With another storm possibly coming in the middle of the week, we’ll be trying to dig up what we can,” said assistant manager Andy Mcray.

Tony Anderson bought a new shovel after his broke Sunday morning.

“We knew we would eventually need a shovel, but we didn’t think we’d need to get it in April,” he said. “I was hoping to wait until next year.”


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