ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A Minnesota lawmaker wants public schools to display the United States motto “In God We Trust.”

A State Senate Committee on Tuesday held an informational hearing on the bill, which is getting some push back. It’s part of a nationwide movement to convince public schools to display a poster with the motto “In God We Trust” in a prominent place in the school.

The display would be paid for with private funds. Critics say it violates the separation of church and state. But the bill’s author says it’s actually a message of respect.

“God and country is no longer lifted up in a place of honor like it once was. And in part, it seems to be eliminated from our schools. There are those who are afraid to even bring up God and country in our schools,” Sen. Dan Hall said.

“It’s not the state’s business, and it’s not the school’s business, to be taking sides in this very personal decision,” August Berkshire of Minnesota Athiests said.

Minnesota already requires schools to display an American flag, and to say the Pledge of Allegiance at least once a week.

Hall’s district 56 covers parts of Burnsville, Lakeville and Savage.

Comments (26)
  1. In an era of stupid legislation, this attempt is close to the epitome. I would suspect that less than half of Minnesotans even believe there a “god” and if there is he is probably a a lesser Norwiegan god.

  2. Senator Hall is just another selfish Christian who wants to misuse our public schools in order to pee his god all over other people’s children.

  3. It’s quite obvious the god that Mr Hall is pushing is the Christian god … in which case, I would want equal space for Thor, Allah, Buddha, and of course Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Better yet — just defeat this Bill and be done with it. We have better things to do.

    1. Agreed! We need to add Bahal and Set in there as well for good measure.

  4. Greg Laden says:

    That is not the United State Motto. I would think actual journalists would check on that.

    1. But it is, sadly. Changed in the 50s due to the Red Scare. “Never codified by law, E pluribus unum was considered a de facto motto of the United States until 1956 when the United States Congress passed an act (H. J. Resolution 396), adopting “In God We Trust” as the official motto.”

  5. Keep your religious notions and superstitions in your homes and churches. Keep it out of public schools in our democracy. We are not a theocracy like Israel & Iran.

  6. Deana Marie says:

    What a complete waste of time and discussion – it is just grandstanding by Senator Dan D. Hall (R) District 56 to get votes and support by old people/conservative voters.

  7. Deb Sprague says:

    Allahu Akhbar to you too, princess.

  8. I see no harm in this. If it is paid for, and it is not indoctrinating in any specific religious system. The term “God” is a general term in English. It denotes a higher being, a creator. And if by comparison we look at what is plastered on the walls in some schools, there really is religion already in schools…. Only in masks itself with a façade, and it is not the Christian faith. Just one persons opinion..

  9. Hmmmm…everyone of those tax dollars you liberals love to freely spend has the words “In God we trust” inscribed on it. And you all ought to be thankful, because it is a historical fact that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, which is the reason we are the most free and prosperous nation in the history of this world. To quote Ronald Reagan, “If we ever forget we are a nation under God, we will soon become a nation gone under.”

  10. “everyone of those tax dollars you liberals love to freely spend has the words “In God we trust” inscribed on it.”

    Put on by more selfish Christians peeing their god all over.

    “And you all ought to be thankful, because it is a historical fact that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles”

    No, the Enlightenment. Christianity has the divine right of kings, which was rejected.

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