MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is working with truck drivers to help stop sex trafficking.

Several days of training started today on how to better spot sex trafficking and what to do when a truck driver suspects it’s happening. Officials say truck drivers are in a unique position, because they stop at countless truck stops and rest areas across the country.

“The human cost of trafficking is much too high to push off training for another day,” Kevin Otto of the trucking company Otto Transfer said. “It’s incredibly sad that there are young people in this world who didn’t choose the road that they take. The teen that we save from his or her plight is someone’s son or daughter. Getting truckers against trafficking training is like getting CPR or first aid — it’s a necessary tool.”

The organization “Truckers Against Trafficking” gives truck drivers wallet cards to carry that say, “Make the Call, Save a Life.”