MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The last of three eggs laid on the Minnesota DNR’s EagleCam this year was eaten by another eagle.

The DNR said Friday a roughly 3-year-old bird spent two hours in the nest, picking at leftover carrion before finding the egg, crushing the shell and consuming the undeveloped egg.

eagle eats egg Last Egg On DNR EagleCam Eaten By Intruding Eagle

(credit: DNR)

All three eggs were laid in late February, so they should have hatched in the last week of March, according to the DNR. Due to a variety of factors – including suboptimal weather conditions, several challengers and a new male – the female eagle was unable to properly incubate the eggs.

This particular female eagle has raised 10 chicks in the last six years, which the DNR called “remarkable.”

The camera will remain on the nest as long as the two eagles and other animals continue to visit it. Watch the EagleCam here.

Elsewhere in the bird kingdom, a falcon on a DNR cam has laid eggs and is now incubating. You can watch that camera here.


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