MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Let’s be honest. It’s been a long, difficult winter for Minnesotans, especially these last few weeks.

In fact, it’s left many Minnesotans wondering whether there would still be ice on many of the state’s lakes when fishing season arrives.

On Friday, one (and only one) lake reported that it was officially iced out: Lake Pepin, in southeastern Minnesota.

The median ice-out date for Lake Pepin is March 31, so it’s still a good deal later than usual for the body of water. However, it’s far from the latest, which happened on May 20, 1843.

Some reports question the “lake” status of Lake Pepin, claiming it to be more of a widened portion of the Mississippi River.

Many other lakes in the state are still reporting not just one but several feet of ice still.


    Lake Pepin is in southeastern Minnesota, not southwestern Minnesota.


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