MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesotans don’t take days like Sunday for granted.

Just seven days prior, more than a foot of snow blanketed the Twin Cities, and temperatures were below freezing.

Fast forward to this weekend, the snow is gone and the mercury has climbed up toward 60 degrees.

Maija Schmelzer, of St. Paul, spent Sunday afternoon soaking up the sun in northeast Minneapolis.

“Who could forget Snowmageddon? And now it’s great,” she said. “I’ve been itching to get outside, so it’s great that it’s finally good weather.”

Schmelzer took a walk with her friend, Beth Anderson, who put on sunscreen for the first time this season.

“We just had tons of snow, so this is great,” she said. “Loving it.”

At Wilde Cafe on St. Anthony Main, staff changed up their routine.

Owners Kim Anderson and Daniel Dominik opened up the patio.

“I think what’s amazing is you open up the patio and it’s a glow that happens to everybody,” Anderson said. “They come in and they just glow, and I’m like ‘Wow!'”

Friends Tony Perez, of Maplewood, and Jamie Nelson, of Minneapolis, seemed to have the glow.

They shared an omelet and a tator tot breakfast dish.

“We’re sitting out there no matter what,” Perez said.

“The fresh air…amazing,” Nelson added.

It was also a pretty amazing day for 3-month-old Lorka, and her parents, who enjoyed the Mississippi riverfront.

Her mother, Emily Anderson, said the warmer weather opens up endless opportunities.

“Lots of park time, and, in a couple of months, lake time and baby’s first state fair this summer,” she said.

The warmest day of the year was the warmest day of little Lorka’s life.

“It’s nice,” said Eric Prindle. “We are looking forward to the next few months…until the bitter cold comes back.”


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