MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Airport officials have revealed the artist picked to make a towering and “iconic” work of art in the state’s largest airport.

Jen Lewin, known for her luminous and interactive pieces, was named Monday as the artist chosen to design and create a two-story work that’ll anchor the central gathering space in the Lindbergh Terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Brian Ryks, the CEO of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, said that the goal of the project is to transform the terminal’s arrivals and departures lobbies with a piece of art that reflects Minnesota.

(credit: jenlewinstudio.com)

Lewin, of New York, was one of 59 artists invited to apply for the Lindbergh project. She previously created a “Sidewalk Harp” in Minneapolis for Be The Match Registry, according to her website.

In the coming months, the public will learn about Lewin’s design process and be able to contribute ideas, airport officials say.

She will also be joined by a Minnesota artist mentee, who will be chosen based on applications in an up-coming open call.

To see more of Lewin’s work, click here.

  1. Why are all the TAX FEES from the airport going to pay for these expensive things? It costs enough as it is to fly. Ridiculous! Oh, did you know these artists do NOT actually do any of the labor on these projects? Everything, literally everything is outsourced to professional production companies and individuals to build. These fake artists give sketches to them. That’s it.