By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gun violence continues to plague neighborhoods across Minneapolis.

There has been a shooting every day this week. The latest round of gunfire early Thursday morning claimed the life of a young man in north Minneapolis. It happened near 19th and Newton avenues.

While police search for a suspect and motive, community members and city officials are calling for a collaboration to stop the gunfire.

“It’s been constant, I’ve been to each scene, “said resident K.G. Wilson.

He has had very little sleep this week.

“I heard there was gunfire over there, 30th and Sheridan,” Wilson said.

He responds to each shooting with messages of peace and healing. One look at Minneapolis Police’s Shot Spotter map and you can see how active gunfire has been across the city.

gun violence protest After Latest Murder, Mpls. Leaders Call For Gunfire To Stop

K.G. Wilson (credit: CBS)

“37th and Elliott … I counted probably about, maybe 30 rounds laying on the ground,” Wilson said.

He now stands on the corner of 19th and Newton avenues, where someone lost their life. Wilson is calling on the community to step up and help stop the bloodshed.

“I’m tired of people saying, ‘The police are not doing this, the police are not doing that.’ Police don’t live here. Police don’t know what’s going on, they don’t see what’s going on,” Wilson said. “The only way they can find out about something that’s going on is through the neighbors. The community has to take charge. That’s how you build a neighborhood.”

Mayor Jacob Frey said that although the city has seen a drop in violent crime city wide, the time is now to push harder to stop the surge of gun violence.

He said the city cannot police itself out of this situation, and he has a message for the people responsible for the gun violence.

“If you put the guns down, we will find every single opportunity for you to get housing, to get a job, to live a great life,” Frey said. “We will work hard on that because, you know, the reality is the best way to stop a bullet is a job. But if you don’t put down the guns, yeah, we’re going to need to take action because terrorizing our neighborhoods with bullets is not OK.”

Frey believes everyone who calls Minneapolis home has a responsibility to help stop the violence.

Minneapolis police has stepped up patrols in areas where gun violence is increasing.

Investigators are looking for a suspect in Thursday morning’s homicide. Anyone with information is urged to contact police.