By Liz Collin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities teenager has a second chance at life after a successful heart transplant.

The report right now is good from Milwaukee where Ashlyn Bohrer has been this week.

“[Her doctor] said [this is] the best we can hope for at the moment,” said Angie Bohrer, Ashlyn’s mother.

The White Bear Lake high school student waited for seven months on the transplant list.

In February, Ashlyn admitted to WCCO that she had fear for her future.

“They’re scary things, and sometimes you don’t want to hear them,” Ashlyn said.

It is a fear shared by her parents.

”In the beginning you’re scared,” Angie said. “Every phone call you’re like, ‘Is this it? Is this it?’”

ashlyn Twin Cities Teen Receives ‘Angel’s Heart’ In Transplant

Ashlyn Bohrer (credit: CBS)

A call finally came in the middle of the night Monday. Less than 12 hours later, Ashlyn had her new heart. Ashlyn shared a message from her hospital room Thursday.

“I’m doing well,” Ashlyn said. “Thank you for praying for me.”

Ashlyn has never known a healthy life. She has endured five open-heart surgeries, a pacemaker and countless doctors’ appointments. Her situation was dire.

“Without this she wouldn’t live a whole lot longer,” Angie said.

Ashlyn’s mom took a leave from her work as a medical assistant, while her father, Tom, patrols the University of Minnesota as a police officer at night — raising three other kids at home.

He said he is grateful for the army that rallied around Ashlyn and their family.

“She’s doing great and it means everything,” Tom said.

But this week, their gratitude goes to strangers. It is perhaps best summed up in a few seconds of a Facebook video: The sound of what they now call Ashlyn’s “angel heart.”

“Some family made a tough decision that saved her life, in their darkest hour, and we’re very thankful for them,” Angie said.

There are still more hurdles to come for Ashlyn. She has months ahead in the hospital as she recovers.

Her breathing tube has been removed for now, and she is slowly being taken off medications.

Click here for information on how to join “Ashlyn’s Army.”