By David McCoy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Lynx have the best player in the league.

Funny thing is, you’re not exactly sure which one of their players we’re talking about.  They’re an awfully talented group.

But last year, it was Sylvia Fowles earning her first MVP Award. WCCO’s David McCoy wonders what she’s got in store for an encore.

When you win the WNBA MVP Award for the first time, how do you follow that up?

“Don’t think too much. Pretty much just let the game come to me, and pick up where I left off. Making sure there’s no drop-off this year, from last year to this year, just pick it up a notch and being ready for whatever teams got to throw at me,” Fowles said.

Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said she anticipates there will be things Fowles has never seen before. Teams trying new and different ways to defend and scheme to stop her — since, well, nothing else they tried already seemed to work that well. Fowles is already anticipating that, and says she’s ready for it.

“I’m not quite sure what they’re going to bring to the table, but I know the stuff that we’ve been working on and we’ve been focusing on, and I can’t give those secrets away quite yet. Y’all just gonna have to wait and see,” Fowles said. “I’m looking forward to the challenges. I like to see people change it up, to try to defend how to guard me, and it’s been pretty interesting this far, so who knows what’s gonna happen this year.”

The nice thing is, she says, she knows she’ll be far from doing it alone.

“I think we just demand a lot from ourselves here at Minnesota,” Fowles said. “Everybody demands a certain requirement here, and when you get people in, that energy like, want people to be better and be great and when we get those pieces in, it’s like we click like no other.”

When you have a piece like Fowles, that certainly helps.

David McCoy


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