MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week, WCCO This Morning heads into the classroom of Joel Sakry at Andover Elementary school. His main mission is for his kindergartners to have fun while learning.

How he does it is what makes Mr. Sakry an Excellent Educator.

Sakry’s dream job started 25 years ago.

“I was hoping to get hired in kindergarten and sometimes it doesn’t always work that way, but I was one of the fortunate ones,” he said. “With kindergarten, you always want them to have fun and you always what them not knowing what they are doing each day and that’s the best part about teaching kindergarten.”

He captivates his kids with the piano and his character he developed, named Mr. Joe. But his trademark is what he rides in on.

“The kids nicknamed it big bird,” he said.

His yellow motorcycle not only has a name, but its own parking spot. It’s not only a hit with the kids, but also with his wife.

“It was the only color I didn’t want because it sticks out so much, but my wife says you’re such a safety freak anyway and you get to see yellow motorcycles on the road, so said get the yellow one,” he said.

It’s just one way Sakry stands out, his love for his kids is another.

“I want everyone to have fun every day they come, I want to see some smiles and we do that most every day,” he said.

Sakry is also a behind the wheel instructor at Anoka High School. He is there before and after school each day Monday through Friday and also on Saturdays.

Kim Johnson


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