MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are investigating the gun-related death of a 7-year-old Plymouth boy.

It happened just after 3 p.m. Wednesday on the 6000 block of Shenandoah Lane. WCCO has learned the boy lived at the home where police responded.

Squad cars lined the street of a neighborhood that is usually filled with the sound of children playing.

“I mean, his hoverboard is still out there,” said neighbor Yvette Mendoza. “That’s what breaks my heart the most because that’s my favorite little toy.”

(credit: CBS)

She was home when she heard the flurry of activity. She saw the boy’s mother talking to police.

“The mom came out and she was crying. They told her it was involving a gun of some sort and they wouldn’t let her in, she just was crying saying, ‘My son doesn’t have a gun, what’s going on here?’ So, she was right here in front of our house,” Mendoza said.

Others stopped to find out what happened, shaken to learn the boy somehow died from a gunshot wound.

“It’s a life and, you know, every day is special and every day is a day and you need to use it as a gift and just hold your kids,” said neighbor Susanna Kallin.

Crime scene investigators brought out evidence that will be used to piece together what happened inside.

“You never know what tomorrow brings, and here’s this now,” Mendoza said.

Plymouth police are expected to release more information on Thursday.

Jennifer Mayerle