By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in Brooklyn Park say a female victim escaped an attempted sexual assault after she was kidnapped from a grocery store parking lot earlier this month.

On May 12, Brooklyn Park police officers were dispatched to the report of an attempted kidnapping that occurred at 8:10 p.m. in the parking lot of an ALDI grocery store at 7600 Brooklyn Boulevard.

Police say the suspect threatened the victim with a knife and forced her to drive to another location. The suspect then tried to rape the victim, but she was able to get away and call 911.

“This was a very brazen event,” said Brooklyn Park Police Deputy Chief Mark Bruley. “She was able to escape out of the vehicle and run … He did chase after her and ultimately did capture her again in the street where he attempted to rape her again, in the middle of the street.”

aldi attempted kidnapping rape Female Victim Escapes Kidnapping & Attempted Assault In Brooklyn Park

An image from a surveillance camera inside of ALDI, showing the suspect running outside of the store.

A neighborhood resident named Jamie lives nearby, but heard nothing that night.

“It’s definitely scary, especially that time of night,” Jamie said. “We might be coming back from the park with the kids, or one of my kids might be coming home.”

The idea of a stranger kidnapping a woman in public place to rape her frightened shoppers.

“I’ll be more cautious,” said Brooklyn Park resident Latonya Harris. “If it can happen to her it can happen to me.”

Police hope this video helps them identify man responsible.

“We’re thankful that she’s physically unharmed, we’re thankful that she got away,” Bruley said. “And now it’s our job to hold the person accountable and find them.”

The suspect is described as a teenage male, 5-foot-4 with a slender build, wearing a black zip-up jacket with no design on front, possibly blue jeans and dark-colored tennis shoes. Police say he also covered his nose and mouth with a royal blue bandana.

Anyone with information on the incident or suspect is asked to contact Detective Czapar at 763-493-8287.

  1. OK, here’s some help. The teenager was black but that was curiously omitted from the description.

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