MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis has another reason to brag about their food scene.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Minneapolis is the fourth-best city in the nation when it comes to being “vegan-friendly.”

“A lot of people think there won’t be any flavor,” said Aubry Walch, co-owner of The Herbivorous Butcher.

Not the case at her vegan butcher shop in northeast Minneapolis.

They’re serving up Korean ribs, sausages, and hot press sandwiches that are all vegan. The majority of their customers eat meat, too.

“We exist to bridge the gap between omnivores and vegans,” co-owner Kale Walch, Aubry’s brother, said.

The Herbivorous Butcher sells to 80 different vendors all over the country and has a new vegan food truck rolling out this summer.

“I think in the last couple of years, it’s grown exponentially, and it’s paved the way for a lot of businesses to open,” Crepe & Spoon co-owner Rachel Booth said.

Crepe & Spoon has been serving up vegan crepes and ice cream since November.

The ice cream flavors, which range from mint chocolate chip to “banana and friends”, are made of an almond, cashew and coconut milk base.

Even Twin-Cities based My Burger now offers the vegan Impossible Burger patty.

But why the trend?

Herbivores say documentaries and celebrities like Beyoncé have had a huge impact.

St. Paul’s J. Selby’s also got a shout-out from PETA.

The restaurant made national headlines when it opened last year for their “Dirty Secret”, a vegan copycat of the Big Mac.

Kate Raddatz