MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Wisconsin dentist who recently surrendered his license to practice following patient complaints has now been sued by some of his patients’ parents.

WCCO earlier reported on the complaints leveled against Dr. Andy Mancini. He allegedly pulled six teeth from one child without asking a parent, and gave another child 12 fillings when only one was needed.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Rebecca Veibrock and Lisa Vansomeren says their children received “unfinished dental work, unnecessary teeth extractions, unfilled cavities, unnecessary caps, inadequate diagnostic testing and administration of anesthesia for various dental procedures.”

Mancini’s pediatric dental practice, Le Petite Dentistry, first opened in 2011.

Veibrock told WCCO that she was drawn in by the bright aquatic theme and fun spirit, and the fact that it was the only local practice that accepted the single mom’s state insurance plan.

“I figured this place looks good, and he’s got, like, really good college education and things like that and all his degrees, so I thought it was a good place to go,” Viebrock said.

Lawyer Bob Hilliard accuses Mancini of exposing children to X-rays of the same spot multiple times, failing to use the proper amount of anesthetic, and hiding hat by giving them more nitrous than necessary.

“Hudson, Wisconsin had its own Joseph Mengele hiding in plain site (sic). But, Mancini’s motif was greed — each single procedure on each child was billable to insurance. Multiple procedures increased profits even more. Mancini disregarded the welfare of the child for the welfare of his wallet,” Hilliard said.

The state of Wisconsin has also filed a suit against Mancini, claiming he committed insurance fraud through Medicaid.

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  1. Andy Mancini would have been better suited to being a tooth fairy.

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