By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s tough to believe that just five weeks ago the Ferris wheel at Betty Danger’s Country Club in Northeast Minneapolis was under snow and ice.

On Thursday, however, it was instead filled with passengers enjoying a lazy ride amid 90-degree heat.

Nearby, at Lake Harriet in south Minneapolis, professional dog-walker Zach Othman had to make sure his four-legged friends were healthy and hydrated.

“Just trying to plan out the routes and stay in the shade and carry enough water for the dogs,” he said. “Just making sure they are comfortable.”

While many of Othman’s dogs have seen their fair share of heat waves, it was a first for Kathryn Erie’s 9-week-old puppy, Sully.

“We didn’t make it very far,” Erie said. “We made it halfway around the lake and had to take a little break.”

But after six months of winter, the dogs and their walkers will take it.

“As a Minnesotan, I was excited about it,” Erie said. “It’s going to hit 90!”

The 90-degree weather looks to last through the long holiday weekend, and with it comes the possibility of severe storms.

Kate Raddatz