MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It has been an amazing school year surprising educators in our community. Summer break is just around the corner but we had to make one more classroom stop after receiving a very special hand written nomination.

The second graders at Oak View Elementary in Maple Grove love Mrs. Julie Stobbs so much, they wrote a letter about her behind her back.

“Cool, awesome, nice, super awesome,” are just a few of the words written about Mrs. Stobbs.

Mrs. Stobbs is in her 4th year teaching 2nd grade.

“I like second grade because they are still excited about learning, they are willing to try pretty much anything and they are they are just so funny,” she said.

She’s known around school for her flexible seating – chairs she’s either made herself or purchased with the help of “Donors Choose” grant money. She applied for the grant herself and has been awarded others. Mrs. Stobbs bought some learning activities with one as well as umbrellas so the class can use the courtyard in all weather.

“I love the kids most about my job,” she said.


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