By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Robbinsdale couple is in disbelief after someone broke into their home while they were sleeping.

The couple, their seven year old, a toddler and a newborn were all home when someone entered through a window.

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“What they did is they slid the screen up and they just crawled through the little opening,” Chelsie Curry said.

Whoever broke in took everything of value. They even took the family dog, a foster they got a month ago.

Curry says someone was in her home, while her family slept. It was not until she woke Thursday morning that she noticed almost everything of value inside was gone.

Sherman (credit: The Curry Family)

“So they took, like, both of our computers for school, both of our watches, his wallet, my seven year-old’s cellphone,” Curry said. “I came out here and the car is gone. They took all of our car keys, so we can’t move that car either, and then my daughter came running up the stairs balling, and she’s like, ‘They took the dog!’”

The family’s three-month old boxer Sherman, or Shermie as they called him, was taken out of his cage.

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“He’s our first foster and we love him, we keep going back and forth, like, ‘If nobody adopts him we should adopt him,’” Curry said. “He’s a 3 month old, so we’ve been potty training and all that, and he loves us and he’s such a good dog.”

Curry’s daughter sleeps in the room across from where Sherman was taken. Her family is on edge, mainly because of the loss of the family pet.

“Everything else we can replace, but we don’t want them to hurt the dog or try to sell the dog,” Curry said. “It’s a part of our family now.”

Robbinsdale police located the family’s car Thursday morning, but there are no leads on who is responsible for the burglary, and no leads on Sherman’s whereabouts.

“We’re so sad, the kids are so sad,” Curry said. “You grow an attached like it’s a person in your family.”

The family is anxious to get Sherman back. He was fostered from Ruff Start Rescue, and is on antibiotics for a upper respiratory infection.

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They are asking the person who is responsible to drop the dog off at any veterinarian clinic in Minnesota, no questions asked.

Reg Chapman