MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dozens of Amazon workers voiced their concerns Monday over unfair conditions at company warehouses.

On Monday morning, a group of the Muslim workers spoke out in Eagan about what they consider dangerous and unfair workloads.

They are observing Ramadan, a religious holiday where they can’t eat or drink during daylight hours.

The workers say their responsibilities have increased, as their supervisors told them some two-person jobs will now be handled by one person.

Following Monday’s demonstration, workers presented their managers a letter with their concerns.

Ernesto Apreza, aspokesperson for the internet giant, said the company respects the religious practices of employees and offers accommodations as needed.

“We have a temporary prayer room at this location and are in the process of building a permanent one,” he said, adding that employees are paid more than $15 an hour plus benefits.

Amazon is one of the state’s largest employers of East African workers.

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    1. Islam is an OLD union, destroying anything that stands in its way.

  1. Dan Defoe says:

    There is a reason all Islamic countries are s-holes.

  2. Jtom Carr says:

    It sounds like they would be happier living in a country that is dominated by their culture. The world would be far less violent and more agreeable if everyone held to the old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” We seem to have stopped teaching such wisdom.

  3. Most Christians have to work thru holidays, unless your a government worker, Teacher, or the like. 16 breaks a day, and an entire month of holidays is not conducive to the American work week. If you can’t work the working hours you are given, you are cheating your employer and co workers. We all have to make sacrifices.

  4. East African is a euphemism for Somali

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  6. Kari Gleason says:

    I don’t understand allover America and I sure other countries aswell have quotas and if you can’t keep there are consequences