MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – About 40 million people around the world use Uber to gets rides from place to place.

One of those users is a Twin Cities woman who got a ride to the State Fair, and it changed her life forever.

Staff Sergeant Derek Northenscold was between deployments when he decided to drive for Uber. It was August 2015. He got a call in Bloomington, a bachelorette party needed a ride to the State Fair.

Heather Nelson was in the party.

“I get car sick so I had to sit in the front seat,” Nelson said.

She says she was “chatting his ear off the whole time and thought he was super cute and fun and nice and then we got to the State Fair and it was OK bye.”

“She was chatty, really flirtatious and then trying to be professional, I didn’t ask for her number,” Derek said.

And like most Uber rides, that would have been it. But nine months later, Derek came to Buster’s on 28th in south Minneapolis to grab a beer when someone caught his eye.

“He came up with me and was like ‘Did you take an Uber to the fair with a bachelorette party? Derek chimes in, “which then I got a super creepy look.”

“He’s like oh can I buy you a drink?” And I thought it would last for like 10 minutes. Four hours later, called it a night,” Heather said.

Turns out the two had more in common than a ride to the fair. They were both from the small town of Maple Lake.

“Nobody believes when you get in a Lyft or Uber or cab, you’re probably going to marry this guy.” Heather said.

But on May 12, she did marry that guy.

Opening up her vows with a simple line, “I never thought I would end up marrying my Uber driver.” The crowd erupted in laughter and cheers.

It seems life can just take you on a wild ride and Uber can too. Heather laughs and looks at her groom, “Look at you, you’ve got moves.”

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield