By Jennifer Mayerle

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A family got quite the surprise when a bear and four cubs showed up on their doorstep.

Bears can be common in Braham, but the Steltz family never had a sighting like this. Marni Steltz grabbed her phone then called for her girls.

“It was so exciting. My heart was racing a mile a minute. It was just tiny and then pretty soon there’s another one and another one, so she had four cubs with her,” she said.

They were inside the house going from window to window, peering out to get a better look at the mama bear and her cubs.

“She was pacing back and forth and she kind of glanced in the window at us and so we were walking, videoing really quiet tiptoeing along trying to film here and we got to the next window and she was coming at the window and we had this Scooby do moment. We all stopped and froze. And she come right up onto the window sill and she was looking in,” Steltz said.

The family has seen bears in their yard before. They have a bird feeder near the house and there’s a creek that runs right through. But this visit was special.

“I don’t even think she knew we were there. I suppose she was like, ‘Oh, oh, I’ll just go walk right in,’” Steltz said.

They made sure the door was locked, and then pounded on the glass.

“When we scared her, she went running and the cubs went just tumbling down the stairs. It was so cute,” Steltz said.

The DNR says bears are usually shy and will flee when they’re spotted. But they say you should not try to approach a bear or try to pet one. Often bears are looking for food.

Click here for tips from the DNR on what you can with your garbage or bird feeders to keep bears away.


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