MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis-based Target just launched a new brand called “HeyDay,” aimed to help connect itself with young millennials and its Generation Z customers. Generation Z is classified as anyone born between 1997-2015.

HeyDay is tailored exclusively to electronics — things like phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. It speaks to the first generation in history to grow up fully immersed in technology. Most of that population were younger than 10 years old when the first iPhone came out.

Target uses sleek designs, minimal selection and relatively low costs. Cell phone cases start at $10, portable chargers cost $8 to $10, and $20 for Bluetooth speakers.

A low-cost push is uncharacteristic for Target, especially since research shows the younger consumers tend to factor in a lot of other things before price.

“Convenience and quality, probably,” said Gannon Raguse, a 21-year-old Target shopper. “I think it’s slightly more expensive than some of the other stores like it, but I think it’s worth it.”

Studies also show both millennials and Generation Z consumers are creatures of habit, often compromising qualities for a name they know and trust.

“My mom was always shopping at Target growing up, so I feel like I just naturally come back here,” said 19-year-old Scott Reedy. “I have a little bit of loyalty I guess, in a way.”

According to Nielsen data, millennials and Generation Z make up 48 percent of the population.


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