Isn’t it nice when a restaurant offers an assist on the journey to eating seasonally? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, but I also love to eat my veggies. It’s a balance, right?

Balance is one of the reasons I love this asparagus gratin from The Hasty Tasty on the corner of Lyndale and Lake in South Minneapolis. This dish is equal parts good and bad: meaty asparagus stalks smothered with four cheese fondue, smoked almonds, lemon-truffle vinaigrette and breadcrumbs. Delicious.

After a long winter (and a bonus spring blizzard), I couldn’t be happier to see asparagus at the market and on our plates. So, either swing over to The Hasty Tasty for this dish or top your own asparagus with cheesy goodness and breadcrumbs. I’m sure a few scoops of mac & cheese would do the job, right?