MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A bucket of salted popcorn was the last straw for a man in the Milwaukee area.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, police were called to a multiplex in the Town of Brookfield late last month.

According to the report, a woman there said her husband and she were in the middle of a major fight. She told police that bought popcorn before the movie and her husband told her not to put salt on it.

She said she bought the popcorn and wanted to put salt on it, so she did after he walked away.

The newspaper reported that, after the woman’s husband found out she’d salted the popcorn, he told her their marriage was over.

The newspaper said that the man then refused to watch the movie, but his wife didn’t want him to drive while angry, so she kept the car keys. She watched the movie alone.

Even after the movie, she said she wouldn’t let her husband drive, because he drives too fast when angry, the report says. He refused to get in the car.

The newspaper reported that, even though her husband didn’t threaten her, she didn’t want to give police her husband’s information. Officers said that he’s an adult and can make his own decisions.

The report didn’t say whether the couple made a move toward actual divorce following the incident.