By Jennifer Mayerle

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The search for a runaway led police to a home unfit for children. Now, new documents reveal what they say they discovered inside. WCCO has a closer look at the evidence that could end a mother’s parental rights.

The chaos surrounding the Brooklyn Park home of Tasha Tennin and her four children was just the beginning for investigators.

Documents reveal, while they searched for the 11-year-old girl who ran away, they found another sibling wet and shivering, sleeping at a nearby park. Another was at a family friend’s home, a third inside the Tennin’s bathroom wrapped in a blanket with eyes burning because their mother had sprayed chemicals.

A neighbor found the runaway safe in Bloomington hours later.

During an interview, the siblings said they had hot water poured on them and were beaten.

Inside the home, documents shows officers found standing water with live extension cords, “items and trash, soiled mattresses, unsanitary surfaces and conditions.”

Tennin’s own words also caught the attention of investigators. She said her daughter ran away after Tennin became “upset that the child had … thrown maggots all over the door.” Tennin also reported she had “maggots in her skin.” Officers found no evidence of that.

A later toxicology report came back positive for amphetamines.

An emergency petition to remove children from the home was filed in February after an 8-year-old sibling died. At the time a judge called it tragic, but said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the boy died from anything other than illness.

The four siblings are in protective custody right now. Tennin will stay in the hospital until next week when she could be civilly committed for mental illness.

Jennifer Mayerle