MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As some members of the community took to the streets in North Minneapolis in remembrance of a man killed by police, the head of the police union spoke out about city leaders and local media.

Thurman Blevins was shot and killed by police on Saturday night. Authorities say he had a gun and ran from officers for several blocks before the shooting.

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Friends and relatives of Blevins said they want his body returned to his family. They also want police body-camera footage of the shooting to be released.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says he’ll do that when key witnesses have been interviewed.

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Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the Minneapolis Police Department’s police union, released a statement Thursday criticizing city leadership and the media for their response to the shooting. He also texted the statement to journalists.

“Less than one in every 100 people killed in this city is by police. And that’s all this community and politicians care about is the less than 1%,” Kroll said. “I hope the media is a buzz today requesting feedback and outrage from Mayor, City Council, Nekima, BLM and community leaders for the fact that there were 3 shot and 2 murdered last night.”

Kroll was referencing two deadly shootings that happened in the city Wednesday night. One man died around 7:30 after being shot near South 9th Street and 23rd Avenue. Another was in north Minneapolis, when a man was killed while sitting in his car near 48th and Camden.

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No arrests have been made in either case.