MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A southern Minnesota winery is bottling a new and hardier wine, thanks to work from the University of Minnesota.

Indian Island in Janesville has been growing grapes that tolerate our cold winters. They have been cross-pollinating regular wine grapes with wild grapes that already grow in our state.

Indian Island winemaker Angie Netzke says the grapes produce a dryer, table wine.

(credit: CBS)

“The aromas that I get out of our Itasca Wine are a lot of pear and some grapefruit and citrus, very nice and refreshing for summertime,” Netzke said. “We did finish ours a little bit sweeter then I think we could have, but it’s going to be great and refreshing.”

Indian Island has made about 600 bottles of the new “Itasca Wine,” which are for sale.

The University of Minnesota expects more vineyards to start using these cold weather grapes over the next few years.