MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says the city council should not have more control over the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Nobody should take issue with the premise that greater accountability for police is a good thing. That’s the first reason to oppose this move,” Mayor Frey said Monday.

A council member proposed to change the department’s oversight last month, saying it would increase accountability of police officers. But on Monday, surrounded by supporters, Mayor Frey said having Chief Medaria Arradondo only report to him would make decisions transparent and create a faster response when an urgent issue arises.

Frey said no other major city has the police department report to a full city council.

  1. Elect Keith Ellison as Minnesota Attorney General and watch him disarm and dismantle the police departments all over Minnesota. It is happening in Chicago by their Attorney General.
    Ellison would do the same thing here bring lawsuit after lawsuit against police practices until violent gangs, violent criminals and drug dealers run our towns.