MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The X Games are back at U.S. Bank Stadium this year, and starting Thursday night, fans can start watching extreme sports at its best.

WCCO’s David McCoy caught up with one of skateboarding’s rising stars Thursday morning at practice.

Imagine this is your job. Yeah, like, what you do for a living. And for a professional skateboarder, what a living it is.

“Oh man, it’s kind of like a dream come true. Just skate, I do what I love,” Heimana Reynolds said.

Heimana Reynolds is a 19-year-old from Hawaii, and when he saw the set-up here inside the stadium…

“Oh my gosh. Dude, this place is huge. And like everything put together in one big place — you’ve got the park, got the street, got the moto, got the big air, everything, it’s crazy. It’s almost like, intimidating,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds has been hailed as the next big thing in skateboarding since he was 10. That’s a lot of pressure to shoulder for a kid so young. But it’s also now half his life ago, and he’s shouldered it well.

“Oh man. Like, half of it is a lot of pressure to like, be that person. But on the other side, I mean, it kind of pushes me to be that person, you know what I mean?” Reynolds said.

The kind of sport where, once it gets in your blood, it never lets go.

“It’s crazy. A lot of people are like, why do you do that, it’s so dangerous? But a lot of us, we do it because it’s so dangerous, and we love it,” Reynolds said. “The feeling of the wheels underneath our feet, going fast and doing all these tricks and learning new tricks, it’s a crazy feeling.”

And Saturday night when he takes the stage, he’s excited for everyone to see it.

David McCoy


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