MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A janitor at a St. Paul school is accused of leaving sexually-charged notes and underwear in a 10-year-old girl’s desk.

Oscar Herrera, 23, of Maplewood, is charged with two felony counts of stalking a victim under the age of 18, an arrest warrant filed in Ramsey County shows.

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According to a criminal complaint, a girl at Wellstone Elementary School told her teachers in April that someone had left notes and underwear in her desk.

The first note said, “I want ur undies Ill pay u,” and the second note, which came with a pair of girls underwear, said, “try them on.”

The teacher took photos of the notes and threw them away.

Surveillance video showed that on April 17, the day the underwear was found, Herrera entered the girl’s classroom without cleaning supplies and left empty-handed.

Police proposed setting up a camera in the classroom, the complaint states, but the school declined.

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On May 23, the girl found another note in her desk. It read: “$5 for your undies.” This note was not thrown away.

In late June, police executed a search warrant of the classroom after gathering Herrera’s and other staff members’ fingerprints, DNA and handwriting samples.

Herrera’s fingerprints were found on the note that read “$5 for your undies,” the complaint states.

A handwriting expert also said that Herrera’s handwriting “points rather strongly” towards him having written the notes.

Herrera declined to give a statement to authorities, the complaint states.

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If convicted of the stalking charges, Herrera faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and/or a fine up to $30,000.