MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Attorneys for a woman who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer after she called 911 to report a possible assault are working on a civil rights complaint.

Justine Ruszczyk Damond was shot by former Minneapolis police Officer Mohamed Noor in July 2017. Ruszczyk was engaged to Don Damond. Attorney Robert Bennett says he plans to file a lawsuit Monday in federal court.

Prosecutors say Noor was in a squad car’s passenger seat when he shot Damond through the driver’s side window after she approached the vehicle. They say there’s no evidence Noor encountered a threat that justified deadly force.

No further details about the complaint have been released. A news conference is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

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  1. The officer should sue the city too — for luring him into a job without the proper training.

  2. Somali culture is in itself a very bad culture. Why did we ever allow these criminals to move to Minnesota. Mohamed Noor, like most of the Somalian people in Minnesota, should be in prison, deported or both. Somalis do the most fraud and other crime by percent than any other group.