GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) – About 1,100 miles in 18 hours. That’s what it took for rescued dogs and puppies from Hattiesburg, Miss., to arrive in their adoptive state.

The Animal Humane Society’s Golden Valley shelter received the 29 dogs and puppies early Sunday morning.

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“The community in the south has all these homeless animals and we don’t see that in communities up north. So to assist this homeless dog problem, we like to bring them here to get adopted,” Danielle Cunnane, lead transport driver, said.

The dogs are from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg, Miss. An attempted transport of 50 dogs two weeks ago ended in tragedy when the shelter’s van encountered mechanical problems in hot weather.

Sadly, 11 of the animals perished in their crates before they could be removed to safety. While it’s unclear exactly what caused the dog’ deaths, testing is being performed to determine if carbon monoxide poisoning may have played a part.

“Our precious cargo is 20 wonderful adoptable dogs and puppies,” said Ramanda Taylor, as the dogs were unloaded on Sunday.

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From that heartache came the happy delivery to the Golden Valley AHS shelter Sunday morning. Ten dogs from the original trip were part of the 29-dog delivery.

It was a mix of Labs, Bassets and Hounds, with one Dalmatian aboard.

“We’ll definitely be keeping a special eye on them and if some show signs they’re not bright, alert and responsive, we’ll take immediate action,” Cunnane said.

After veterinary checks and acclimation to their new home, the dogs will be prepared for adoption – ever so grateful for second chances.

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“And we want to think positive and move forward and make sure something like what happened never happens again,” said Taylor.