By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The family of Thurman Blevins came to the County Attorney’s press conference to hear the truth and call for justice, but instead, they say what they heard made them angry.

Before County Attorney Mike Freeman could say exactly why he is not charging the two officers involved in the shooting death of 31-year-old Thurman Blevins, he was interrupted. Some of Blevins’ family, activists and community members shouted Freeman out of the room and took over his press conference.

The crowd was upset with what they call “standard operating procedure” when it comes to the police-involved shooting of a black man. Blevins’ cousin, Sydney Brown, says the officers involved did nothing to deescalate the situation when they first encountered Blevins.

“They pulled up wildly, and as you also see, while they are driving to Thurman they are laughing and giggling in the car and asking people, ‘Hey have you seen a drunk black guy?'” Brown said. “That’s not how you ask civilians. That’s a way to escalate the situation.”

Brown says family wants the officers involved to be arrested and charged within 48 hours. They believe Blevins was no threat and should be alive today.

“He pleaded and begged for his life,” Blevins’ cousin Rashan Brown said. “Him and that police officer had a full conversation while running for two blocks. Those officers were never in danger, and if he was in danger, he should of opened fire when he saw Thurman Blevins sitting on that corner.”

Reg Chapman

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  1. No. He ran away from the police and refused to drop his gun.

    Why Was he running with a gun?

    What is his criminal record ?

    Whats is the toxicology report ?

    Good questions for a “News Story”

    Or Why are these “Questions’ troublesome to the NARRATIVE ?