MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Metro Transit says it will indefinitely suspend 67 trips beginning July 31 as it continues a campaign to hire more bus drivers.

Metro Transit is 90 bus drivers short of its target, according to a press release, which the public transportation operator says has made it difficult to cover all scheduled trips. The service changes, which represent around 1 percent of all weekday scheduled bus trips, are meant to improve systemwide reliability.

Online schedules and NexTrip have been updated to reflect the service changes.

Customers will continue to receive real-time text and e-mail notifications if a trip is unexpectedly canceled, Metro Transit said.

Another round of scheduled service changes is slated to take effect on Aug. 18.

A list of all affected trips can be viewed here.

Comments (4)
  1. So, they want even less people to ride the bus? Brilliant…

  2. If there were 67 trips cancelled across the board, why did the 270 route get 4 of those cuts? Only the 3 had more cuts (6) and most of the rest had 1 or 2. The 270 ALWAYS gets the shaft. The 250 route has over 1/3 more buses than the 270, but NONE of those were cut. Meanwhile, our already crowded buses get even more crowded thanks to these cuts. You should see the line for the bus at Maplewood Mall every morning. It looks more like an airport security line than a line for the bus.