MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — What began as a peaceful protest Tuesday night quickly became a large demonstration throughout the streets of downtown Minneapolis, with hundreds shutting down light rail lines and intersections.

“I’m a black person myself and I feel bad for any black person who was shot by police and most of us have no justice,” said one protester.

Organizers claim they wanted to disrupt fans who were making their way to Target Field for the Twins game.

Tensions quickly boiled over.

“I got to go sign a lease to live and these dumb people think this is how you make change,” said one commuter.

One frustrated woman using the light rail was punched in the face after she tried ripping away signs from people, screaming that she wanted to go home.

The march throughout the city streets comes one day after Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced there would be no charges against the two officers involved in the shooting.

Police body camera video of the incident was released on Sunday, showing Blevins running from police with what appears to be a silver handgun.

Activists still insist Blevins posed no threat.

During Tuesday afternoon’s rally, the protesters chanted Blevins’s final words: “Leave me alone” and “Please don’t shoot me.”

One mother tells WCCO-TV she isn’t just marching for Blevins, but for her bi-racial son as well.

“The world that we are living in with the police is scary and I want him especially to understand that his life is in danger,” the woman said.

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  1. For the life of me I don’t understand two things related to the recent BLM histrionics and wasted energy protesting police officers shooting a drunk person who was shooting a gun into the air by multiple witness accounts:

    1. The irrational attitude of the black community , more specifically the North Side black community and family members of Blevin. One of these family members a cousin of Blevins, told the Star Tribune the footage proved he was not a threat to the officers. “He didn’t deserve to die,” Brown said. “He wasn’t a threat when [the officers] approached him. They didn’t view him as a human being.”. IF HE WASN’T A THREAT THEN WHY DID HE RUN? Is your hate for the Popo distorting your sense of reality?

    2. Why is WCCO and ALL other media , local and nationwide giving this two bit criminal so much air time? It’s as if you WANT a race war.

  2. Congratulations Mr. O’Keefe. You said it all. I agree with you 100%. These people are just looking for a handout. If you are drunk, shooting off a gun in public, and running from police after being told numerous times to stop (not running for your life), you are a danger to the public and the police. The courageous police who risk their lives daily to keep us safe. did their job and deserve to be thanked and appreciated. Maybe if all those protesters had jobs, they would be too tired to protest and cause trouble.