MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) A new law that changes the formula for how courts adjust the basic child support amount for parents is set to go into effect Wednesday.

The law aims to help Minnesota families who have a child support orders reduce conflicts between parents over parenting time, by acknowledging the higher expenses for the parents who spend more time with their children and to recognize that children need the “basics” in both of their homes. The courts will now adjust the child support amount based on the number of court-ordered overnights parents spend with their children.

“All children need financial support from both parents,” Emily Piper, commissioner of the Department of Human Services said. “Child support promotes children’s well-being and helps families become self-sufficient. This law will give parents the potential to better care for their children and ultimately strengthen family relationships in our communities.”

Changes will not go into effect automatically, so parents interested in pursuing a change must file a motion or petition with the court or call their county child support office.