MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton spoke out Wednesday about the impact of clean energy on the state’s economy.

Dayton says there are now more than 59,000 jobs in Minnesota because of clean energy, and 2,700 jobs are expected to be added next year.

There has been a significant increase in clean energy jobs in greater Minnesota in places like St. Cloud, Duluth and Rochester.

“It’s greatly encouraging to note that clean energy has made a great impact on Minnesota and even more for the future,” Dayton said. “Twenty-five percent now of Minnesota’s energy comes from renewable sources.”

Clean energy companies want certainty that the state’s clean energy policy will continue in the future.

“Minnesota has made tremendous progress to advance clean energy and create jobs. But we must do more to build an even better, more environmentally sustainable future for our children and grandchildren,” Dayton said.

Comments (3)
  1. Too bad Mark can’t spell “clean energy” much less define that term.

  2. Minnesota Ranked 2nd-Worst In U.S. For Racial Equality. why do you think this is? It is because all those new 59,000 jobs were filled with white people. Blacks in Minnesota get trapped by the free money and other free stuff, just as long as they vote for their Democrat masters in the next election.

  3. Don Burns says:

    I thought this news release didn’t accurately reflect the future of renewable energy in Minnesota , when wind projects proposed for building in Minn. have been held up in the courts even though they have meet all state requirements .And with tariff wars with China solar is getting questionable again. The state leaders should find out what is reality vs the past.