MOORHEAD, Minn. (WCCO) – After police say a man kept his 2-month-old daughter from breathing and threw a firework at her head, he has been sentenced to serve time in prison.

Shawn Michael Foltz, 32, of Moorhead, was sentenced in Clay County court on Wednesday and is set to serve 30 months in prison for third-degree assault.

According to court documents obtained by Valley News Live, Foltz was arrested last year after the baby’s mother received a text message from Foltz with a picture showing the baby with red, swollen eyes. The baby was also foaming at the mouth in the photo, police said.

Foltz said he would think of ways to harm his baby while he was at work, according to police.

Police were called to Essentia Health in Fargo, North Dakota, for a case of suspected child abuse after the baby was taken to the emergency room. Police said the baby had dark purple bruising covering both her eyes, a large area of red coloration on her back, small purple bruising on the left shoulder and a small red mark on the baby’s chest below the chin.

Foltz told police that he was trying to feed the baby, but he was having a difficult time getting the bib under the baby’s chin so he put all of his fingers on her chest and pushed down hard. He also told police he used a towel to “snap” the baby five times in her face.

Following his arrest, Foltz also told police he put hot sauce and cayenne pepper in the baby’s mouth, nose and eyes. Court documents show he would pinch the baby behind her legs and feet while he was changing her in order to get her to cry, and would also pinch her nose and hold her mouth closed, blocking her airway.

Court documents say Foltz threw a small firework at the baby’s face and head while his 3-year-old son was in the room.

The court said Foltz will get credit for already serving 429 days of his sentence.