MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Kyle and Nicolle Peltier’s world came apart on June.

“Every day is just a struggle, and it just didn’t seem like he could care less,” Kyle aid.

He was on a north Minneapolis playground with five of the couple’s seven children. That’s when Kabaar Powell, who was speeding away from state troopers, plowed into three of the kids.

On Thursday in a Hennepin County courtroom, the parents spoke tearfully of the physical and economic pain that Powell has caused them.

Choking back tears, Kyle told Judge William Koch: “I wake up every day thinking, Why? Why Kayden? Why Lilly? Why Connor?”

Two-year-old Kayden must learn how to walk and talk again. His immune system is gone after doctors removed a ruptured spleen. He had two of his ribs relocated to his neck to help support a damaged spine.

The couple’s four-year-old daughter, Lilly, suffered a bruised brain.

Yet the children’s emotional bruises caused by the ordeal may never heal.

“Their ultimate goal in life is now to learn how to play and be normal,” said Nicolle, their mother. “It’s not fair because they were already normal.”

Powell pleaded guilty to two counts of fleeing officers, aggravated by causing great and substantial bodily harm. His attorney said he admits to his crime and takes responsibility for his actions.

However, when the judge asked him if he had anything to say before his sentence was read, Powell declined.

Powell’s plea agreement also included an upward departure from the probationary term set down by state sentencing guidelines. He received 33 months and one day and will get credit for 67 days already incarcerated since the incident.

But to the family, it’s not just what Powell did but the apology that never came.

Says the children’s grandfather, Tim Brinkley: “It would have measured in volumes in a positive light if he could have just glanced over and said anything at all remorseful, nothing apologetic in his manner, and that hurts.”

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  1. Thank goodness for Minnesota’s “state sentencing guidelines” that will see that Kabaar Powell is back out in less than 3 years so he can continue his life of crime and maybe run over some more kids.

  2. Minneapolis public schools long ago put a moratorium on suspending incorrigible black students for habitually disrupting the classrooms. It follows that our State judges should also absolve all blacks from responsibility for their actions.

  3. They need to address the news properly – the POLICE were DOING 80-90MPH IN A RESIDENTIAL area. They are an accomplice to the assault on these children. End of story. People can spin this anyways they want. I am curious to what his “speeding” was on hwy94 BEFORE the chase, and did they target him because he was black man in a truck speeding? Officers are just as much to blame for this horrific scene. Ask yourself (parents only) would you sacrifice your children so police can catch some speeder/druggy or would you prefer that they tried a different option than speeding through your driveway/park? Nobody was alerted. If this guy was a murderer, rapist, terrorist or some other high level criminal MAAAYBE I could see the chase justified, but this chase was spawned by a speeder on hw94. A cops and robbers game for the “boys”. Highspeed chases should be made illegal unless dealing with a high profile criminal, and then an organized chase should be put into effect. Almost all chases (high speed) that has ever been recorded has ended up in disaster. “INSANITY: Repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results”