MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We are about three weeks away from our big Pulling Together event.

WCCO-TV rallied Friday to get ready for the tug-of-war across the Mississippi River with a “Day of Giving.”

Amelia Santaniello was at Surly Brewing Company to represent Team Minneapolis, while Jason DeRusha was at Bad Weather Brewing to represent St. Paul.

Getting ready for an epic event like Pulling Together requires an epic pre-party.

“We still have three weeks. I think I can work the muscles, but you know it’s tough, it’s tough,” Santaniello said.

The two teams rallied Friday night to honoring sponsors and the teams who will be pulling across the Mighty Mississippi.

The “Pulling Together Tipsy Jar” (credit: CBS)

“It’s the teams that really make it,” DeRusha said. “We talk about it, but it’s all the teams all the volunteers. That is what Pulling Together is all about.”

WCCO’s Pulling Together benefits Fraser, Minnesota’s largest provider of autism services and other special needs for children.

The funds raised from the event will help fund their mission of providing therapy services to any family within 35 minutes or 35 miles of home.

“An event like this, and raising that kind of money, is huge for us, not only the financial benefit, but also the visibility,” said Mary Arneson, Fraser’s marketing manager.

The event comes with some friendly competition. Bad Weather and Surly will face off for the second time at Pulling Together, as Surly seeks their revenge this year.

“We want it to happen so badly, we are doing all sorts of things not mischievous things, but all sorts of things to make it come to fruition,” said Mary Sellke, executive director of Surly Gives a Damn. “It’s a great family event, and you’re out supporting a good cause.”

Each team is hoping to raise $125,000. So far, Team Minneapolis is ahead in the fundraising with over $26,000 raised.

WCCO’s Pulling Together is Saturday, Sept. 8 at Hidden Falls Regional Park. You can support the teams right now by making a donation at wcco.com/pullingtogether.

Kate Raddatz


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