MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis family is recovering after a high-speed police chase ended with a vehicle crashing into a playground where a father and his children were playing.

Nicolle and Kyle Peltier tell the Pioneer Press that three of their children sustained serious injuries from the June 11 crash.

The pursuit started when state troopers attempted to pull over Kabaar Powell for speeding. Kyle Peltier witnessed Powell barreling into the playground, hitting his three young children. Powell was sentenced Aug. 16 to 33 months in prison.

Two of the Peltier children recovered fairly quickly. But 2-year-old Kayden suffered neck and hip fractures and needed immediate surgery to protect his spinal cord.

The Peltiers plan to sue the state. Their attorney says the chase went against the state patrol’s training.

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  1. Not to worry. Dat Kabaar Powell be a good boy an he ready to pay fer what he done to dem kids.