By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Residents of a quiet Vadnais Heights neighborhood are on the lookout after man was seen on video lurking outside a family’s home.

“It was creepy. That’s pretty much the word I got from the neighbors that are in contact with me is this is very creepy to have in our neighborhood,” said Constance Burdanicholson, the neighborhood’s block captain.

She sent out the security camera images of the man to neighbors hoping someone will recognize him.

(credit: CBS)

“With what they have … [that] went viral, somebody, somebody has to know him,” Burdanicholson said.

The original pictures, posted by the homeowner, show the man at about midnight Wednesday looking in a white pickup, through a patio window, and at one point with his pants around his ankles. The post has been shared thousands of times.

Security expert Kyle Loven, national director of Computer Forensic Services, says good security cameras and the power of social media can allow a homeowner to do a lot of the detective work — giving authorities valuable information.

”This has definitely changed the game. Technology advancements have made it very difficult for people to be anonymous when it comes to these types of crimes,” Loven said. “It has really hindered the ability of would-be burglars to commit these types of crimes.”

Burdanicholson has lived in the neighborhood for fifty years, and says nothing like this has ever happened.

Ramsey County investigators say they have a person of interest, but have not made any arrests.

Kate Raddatz