MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)– The City of Minneapolis signed on to an amicus brief with 17 other states and the District of Columbia defending the 2016 U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s “clean car” standards. The federal “clean car” standards would decrease the use of diesel and gasoline fuels, and reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

The policy, approved during the Obama administration, requires car company’s to make fuel-efficient cars to reduce the use of fuels and pollution.

The City of Minneapolis stated that an analysis completed by the EPA showed that by 2022-2025 the 2016 vehicle emission standards would:

  • Save consumers more than $1,650
  • Reduce oil consumption by nearly 40 billion gallons of refined gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 540 million metric tons

Minneapolis has supported the federal “clean car” initiative for years, as cited in chapter six of the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan.

“The plan notes the scientific consensus that increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are destabilizing the earth’s climate, and that human activity is the primary driver of these emissions,” the City of Minneapolis said.

This comes after President Donald Trump recently stated that he would weaken the EPA’s “clean-car” standards.